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Tips Eliminate Pain Lazy In Yourself

Tips Eliminate Pain Lazy In Yourself: "Tips Eliminate Pain Lazy In Yourself: "

Why are we so lazy?
Though the coursework / work we are still piled up?

One word that represents the

Let the Submit to better eliminate it from feeling lazy in our mind, and made several innovations to remove our enemies from within us that is


Lazy can we avoid it when it comes to attack our will and spirit, below are a few tips include:

1. Wash your face or shower when the attack sleepiness.

2. Change the seated position while reading. For example from a sitting turned into a stand, but advised not to keep from sitting or lying down can be dangerous too far to sleep.

3. Switching from the reading room to another room. If a child can cost disiasati, we move from room to deck boarding, living room or even be too into the kitchen.

4. Breathe in the fresh air by standing near the window or open the windows of other rooms to add freshness. As a child can cost disiasati by creating aromatherapy, for example by spraying the room with fragrances and if there is a fan, can set the fan to spread the scent to any room. Because not all children may have a dorm room window.

5. Minute stroll around the house. Can be replaced with other activities such as tidying the messy shelves, or other activities that can move our muscles.

6. Chatted briefly with family or friends about it permissible sekos but not keharoman. Be careful not to forget the main purpose of the conversation is to nurture the spirit, not to talk even to ghibah.

7. Stood to make a cup of coffee, tea, milk or juice to eliminate boredom and clear sense.

8. Change the monotonous activities. Eg bored with memorizing the letters changed to read, if read boredom can be replaced by listening through the CD studies.

Those are some tips so that we can furthest from spring fever. But most of all let us not forget to pray that the Lord continues to give us spirit and in order to distance ourselves from diseases such lazy.

Hopefully these tips useful for all of us in continuing our work pending.



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