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7 Diseases Woman Should Know Boys

7 Diseases Woman Should Know Boys: "7 Diseases Woman Should Know Boy: "

1. Nangisuitis

As a result of overly sensitive. Symptoms lips pouting, eyes blinking. Side effects eye swelling, handkerchiefs floods, runny nose, luggage ngurung yourself or diseased Curhatitis A.
This disease can be treated with drugs Tegaridol, OBH (Drugs Be Servant).

2. Curhatitis

Want to shut her luggage, side effects people's secrets could leak, exposed Nangisuitis.
This disease can be positive if he bercuhatitisnya directed to the appropriate person, let alone the same God.

3. Shopping Syndrome

Symptoms want MULU road, eyes bulging, tongue side effects you drool, mouth agape, wallet so slim. If you have entered stage 4 (very severe) joined her boyfriend's wallet thin.
Try to drink or tablet hematcold PD (Self Control).

4. Cerewetisme

Curhatitis worse than B, does not contain a semicolon. Side effects spurt, ears budek neighbor, her boyfriend's chest may be more subtle because often stroked.
The sooner the pills to eat and drink tablets to hear more talk slowed.

5. Lamanian Dandanitos

Pengennya diem front of the mirror. Gatel left-hand eager to hold the comb, right hand cramps-cramps-teplok want teplok pake cheek powder. Side effects: menor, late, boys rusty, not miss the food. Drink immediately Sari Bawak (For Time) and Taperi (added confidence). Create 230 Toleransikipil spoon guy drinking the day after and before a bath.

6. Cemburunotomy

Symptoms of an oval face, hands clenched, brow dipped.
Try to prevent prejudice to the drug either three tablespoons of syrup per day, pills and tablets to investigate understanding first.

7. Ngambekilation

Symptoms similar to Cemburubotomy.
Drinking Sabaron and Bersyukurinis.


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