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6 Son of the Living And Raised By Animals

6 Son of the Living And Raised By Animals: "6 Son of the Living And Raised By Animals: "
You may recall the story of a boy who was raised by a collection of monkeys, yup that's Tarzan, evidently not the story is nonsense, of human animal care, until finally changing as they are, below is the amazing story of a little man who was raised by animals.

1. Amala & Kemala

amala-1 Two teenage girls found near Calcutta in 1926 by the Rev. Joseph Singh, a local preacher in the orphanage.

Singh wrote in his diary that they had long possessed a strange teeth and hate the sun, melolongi months, eating from a bowl on the ground, and see clearly in the dark.

He tried to cultivate social life Amala and Kamala, but it seems very difficult to do.

2. Gazelle Boy


In 1960, anthropologist Jean-Claude Auger Spain received a report from the Nomads in gurunSahara that a child has to walk freely in the desert. He went to investigate, and of course, he saw a boy with a group of gazelles (Deer Desert).
Anthropologists are then pay attention to these children, and how shocked she was when she saw the child communicate with the flock while eating roots, lizards, and worms.
Auger returned two years later with the Spanish army to capture the child. But when they tried to pursue, in which he reversed the Jeep. In 1966, Auger made one last effort to capture a child with helicopters and nets, but also did not catch the child.

3. John Ssbunya

In 1988, a boy aged 4 years old named John Ssebunya saw his father shot and killed his mother.

Afraid for his life, John ran into the woods in the country of Uganda and joined the collection of monkeys are forest dwellers, one of several other mammals receive these children become part of the group.
When John found more than a year later, he has thick hair covering his body, he walked to his knees and bent his fingers, and she can not eat cooked food.

However, after the adoption of a Christian orphanage in the town of Masaka, humanity began to be seen. Now he is 24 years old, John has learned to speak and walk upright.

He even plays music and guitar. And in 1999, she traveled to Europe from Africa with the kids choir. (Photo: BBC - Children Wolves' Clothing).

4. Ivan Mishukov

In 1996, Ivan Mishukov four-year-old to be away from their parents and become one of the two million homeless children living on the streets in Russia.

After a life-stranded terlunta Moscow city streets, he finally joined the collection of street dogs for food and shelter in the cold of Moscow city night sky, and made him their leader.

Two years later, police arrested the boy behind the kitchen at a restaurant, when it was scraped leftover food, and then he was taken to a social institution and can quickly adjust to life the human world. Now Ivan normal lives, although she still often dreamed about his dog friends. (Photo: Marcianitos Verdes)

5. Victor

Found in children 12 years old named Victor appeared in Aveyron, France, he can not speak, eat raw meat, and lots of scratches all over his body. The incident occurred in 1799.
A doctor named Jean Itard devoted to analyzing the Victor, and he believes that if he can be taught to speak human language and show affection.

His research can prove, that if someone far away from education, the star / wild side of someone that would be more dominant. Unfortunately for Itard, Victor never made much progress.

6. Misha (Monique De)

In 1997, a woman named Monique "Misha" Defonesca publish his story about the Holocaust. According to his book, the Nazis had killed his parents in Brussels when he was only seven years old. After that he just live alone.

Misha across mainland europe alone with a pair of wolves who accompanied him for months, maybe even yearly. Eventually he arrived in Ukraine.
The story of a fascinating life story, the Belgian newspaper interviewed him and telling details and found out that Misha's name actually is Monique De.

Although her parents died in the war, he was eventually treated by kakenya. Misha and then come and explain to the Belgian press story of the "reality" and "street life" that has been taken.
source: http://apakabardunia.com/post/tahukah-kamu/inilah-6-anak-yang-hidup-dan-dibesarkan-oleh-hewan

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