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Bus Ampibi First Commercial in the World

Bus Ampibi First Commercial in the World: "

Bus amphibious World's First Commercial

Content from Our Earth by Doer
This bus is an amphibious vehicle in the world's first commercial that can be used to transport passengers, also like a bus or ship. On land, walking on four wheels, while when in the water, the wheel is inserted into the stomach bus (such as ships) and mengapunglah bus.

The bus was first made in Malta, Europe was considered a luxury bus. But depending on the model, there is a standard model, lux, and an open top.

Features amphibious buses that can accommodate 50 passengers, these include:
  • LCD screen standard equipment, DVD players, luggage, toilet, air conditioning and heating room.
  • Ventilated ABS disc brakes, sophisticated electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Complete navigation system, among others, reversing camera for vision in all directions, real-time communication system pilot, navigation lights, and the detection depth of water.
  • GPS on demand, even equipped with AutoPilot. Wow ...!
  • Complete safety equipment such as medical kits, life vest, even a boat.
  • Quality standards Euro 5 engine-powered jet.
  • Stomach and body using 6mm Marine Grade Aluminum material (standard navy) a lightweight but strong, anti-rust, and will not leak.
  • Speed can reach 20 knots on the water and 70 mph on land.
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