Sabtu, 31 Juli 2010

cara memasak air yang baik dan benar

siang begini enaknya chatingan.. ketak-ketik komputer. tapi aq bingung apa yang harus aq ketik. yo sak penakku ngetik opo wae sing penting metu tulisane. sesuai dengan judul yang tertera pada di atas yaitu cara memasak air yang baik dan benar. kenapa saya kok pake junul nian?? karena saya mau minum kopi, kopinya merek "ya!". kopi ya! yang iklannya dibintangi julia perez. kalo mau ngopi itu harus pake air panas... sepanas berita ariel peterpen dan krisdayanti raul lamos.

Air Panas

cara memasak air panas yang baik dan benar, karena dikamarku ada dispenser dan ada pemanasnya, maka saya tidak perlu memasak air. tinggal "ceklek" saklar dispensernya. tinggal tunggu..... panas dech.........

selamat minum kopi.
kopinya cap julia perez..

Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Cara Membuat Kopi Enak Yang Baik Dan Benar

Segernya Jika kita berbicara mengenai minum kopi..
Banyak Orang menganggap bahwa minum kopi tidak baik di mata. hal itu memang benar, kenapa?? karena tidak memungkinkan untuk seseorang minum kopi lewat mata. kalo tidak percaya coba saja..

yruput kopi pada saat hujan gerimis, dibelakang kamar asrama, sambil ketak-ketik nulis yang tidak masuk akal seperti yang anda baca sekarang ini. hehehe....

akhir akhir ini sedang panasnya oleh MUI tentang hukum kopi luwak. wis.... mboh aku g tau minum kopi luwak. aku minum kopi kopi deplok'an dewe ae.. lebih nikmat daripada nescafeatau kapal api, rumangsaku....... soale opo kok lebih enak?? soale iki kopi nek nggowo soko ndeso.. jadi hm.... khasnya lebih enak seger. jadi intinya kalo kepingin minum kopi yang enak, pergilah jauh-jauh dan lama-lama di peratauan-perantauan, dan bawalah kopi dari rumah... pasti rasanya seger lebih enak dari kopi kopi luwak.

Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

6 Son of the Living And Raised By Animals

6 Son of the Living And Raised By Animals: "6 Son of the Living And Raised By Animals: "
You may recall the story of a boy who was raised by a collection of monkeys, yup that's Tarzan, evidently not the story is nonsense, of human animal care, until finally changing as they are, below is the amazing story of a little man who was raised by animals.

1. Amala & Kemala

amala-1 Two teenage girls found near Calcutta in 1926 by the Rev. Joseph Singh, a local preacher in the orphanage.

Singh wrote in his diary that they had long possessed a strange teeth and hate the sun, melolongi months, eating from a bowl on the ground, and see clearly in the dark.

He tried to cultivate social life Amala and Kamala, but it seems very difficult to do.

2. Gazelle Boy


In 1960, anthropologist Jean-Claude Auger Spain received a report from the Nomads in gurunSahara that a child has to walk freely in the desert. He went to investigate, and of course, he saw a boy with a group of gazelles (Deer Desert).
Anthropologists are then pay attention to these children, and how shocked she was when she saw the child communicate with the flock while eating roots, lizards, and worms.
Auger returned two years later with the Spanish army to capture the child. But when they tried to pursue, in which he reversed the Jeep. In 1966, Auger made one last effort to capture a child with helicopters and nets, but also did not catch the child.

3. John Ssbunya

In 1988, a boy aged 4 years old named John Ssebunya saw his father shot and killed his mother.

Afraid for his life, John ran into the woods in the country of Uganda and joined the collection of monkeys are forest dwellers, one of several other mammals receive these children become part of the group.
When John found more than a year later, he has thick hair covering his body, he walked to his knees and bent his fingers, and she can not eat cooked food.

However, after the adoption of a Christian orphanage in the town of Masaka, humanity began to be seen. Now he is 24 years old, John has learned to speak and walk upright.

He even plays music and guitar. And in 1999, she traveled to Europe from Africa with the kids choir. (Photo: BBC - Children Wolves' Clothing).

4. Ivan Mishukov

In 1996, Ivan Mishukov four-year-old to be away from their parents and become one of the two million homeless children living on the streets in Russia.

After a life-stranded terlunta Moscow city streets, he finally joined the collection of street dogs for food and shelter in the cold of Moscow city night sky, and made him their leader.

Two years later, police arrested the boy behind the kitchen at a restaurant, when it was scraped leftover food, and then he was taken to a social institution and can quickly adjust to life the human world. Now Ivan normal lives, although she still often dreamed about his dog friends. (Photo: Marcianitos Verdes)

5. Victor

Found in children 12 years old named Victor appeared in Aveyron, France, he can not speak, eat raw meat, and lots of scratches all over his body. The incident occurred in 1799.
A doctor named Jean Itard devoted to analyzing the Victor, and he believes that if he can be taught to speak human language and show affection.

His research can prove, that if someone far away from education, the star / wild side of someone that would be more dominant. Unfortunately for Itard, Victor never made much progress.

6. Misha (Monique De)

In 1997, a woman named Monique "Misha" Defonesca publish his story about the Holocaust. According to his book, the Nazis had killed his parents in Brussels when he was only seven years old. After that he just live alone.

Misha across mainland europe alone with a pair of wolves who accompanied him for months, maybe even yearly. Eventually he arrived in Ukraine.
The story of a fascinating life story, the Belgian newspaper interviewed him and telling details and found out that Misha's name actually is Monique De.

Although her parents died in the war, he was eventually treated by kakenya. Misha and then come and explain to the Belgian press story of the "reality" and "street life" that has been taken.

10 Creatures That presumes There By Some People But Not Recognized Scientific Community

10 Creatures That presumes There By Some People But Not Recognized Scientific Community: "10 Creatures That presumes There By Some People But Not Recognized Scientific Community "

10 creatures that are considered by some people but there is no recognized scientific community

10. Nessie / CHAMP:

Reputed dinosaurs still survive. U.S. didanau life. very large size.

9. Chupacabra:

Ternak2 blood dust. running very fast. This creature is considered hewan2 vampire cattle.

8. EBU Gogo:

Like human beings. small. like killing. found in Flores, our country in the 19th century.

7. Springheel Jack:

AKA Jack the Ripper. agan2 probably familiar with this name. he is tall, thin man like batman. can jump from building to building.

6. Shadow People:

All countries many have reported seeing these shadow people. This creature like a shadow that can live and move.

5. Beast of Bray Road:

reportedly been seen in the U.S.. This is the human wolf who ate meat. posture was terrible.

4. Mothman:

man nicknamed flying. perawakanny black. many who saw the creature flying.

3. Animals Atmosphere:

This creature could fly but do not have wings. often called a UFO. maybe because this creature resembles a UFO flying in the sky.

2. Marrylan Goatman:

a goat-like creature but shorter. This creature likes to cut another hewan2 head.

1. Pongo


This is the result of the operations Want Beautiful Plastic and Silicon

This is the result of the operations Want Beautiful Plastic and Silicon: "This is the result Want Plastic Surgery And Beauty With Silicon: "

This is the result Want Plastic Surgery And Beauty With Silicon

This girl's face before the disaster occurred

The girl's name is Han Mi Ok selebrities Korean origin who are now better known as "Fan Lady" after a disaster by the failure of plastic surgery on her face.

He has been through 15 times rekronstuksi surgery to repair facial damage caused by the failure of previous cosmetic surgery.
This girl like other girls in general trying to beautify the face by performing cosmetic surgery on her face, not satisfied with the plastic surgery on her face she is also doing injections of silicone in some parts of the face in order to increase its beauty.
But even excluding the results obtained estimates as shown in the photo above.

And this is the last face 15 times after facial reconstruction surgery:

He has been through 15 times rekronstuksi facial surgery to repair damage caused by the failure of previous cosmetic surgery.
This girl like other girls in general trying to beautify the face by performing cosmetic surgery on her face, not content with plastic surgery on her face she is also doing injections of silicone in some parts of the face in order to increase its beauty.
But even excluding the results obtained estimates as shown in the photo above.

And this is the last face 15 times after facial reconstruction surgery:

Photo above taken during the shooting "Shocking Stories of the World" episodes to 500. Han Mi Ok bravely showed damage to his face to the public that the public can draw lessons from what he has experienced and hope this incident does not overwrite another.
Think twice to perform cosmetic surgery on the face if only to beautify yourself even more thought thousands of times to make faces with silicone injections.

- Regret then would not be useful -

7 Diseases Woman Should Know Boys

7 Diseases Woman Should Know Boys: "7 Diseases Woman Should Know Boy: "

1. Nangisuitis

As a result of overly sensitive. Symptoms lips pouting, eyes blinking. Side effects eye swelling, handkerchiefs floods, runny nose, luggage ngurung yourself or diseased Curhatitis A.
This disease can be treated with drugs Tegaridol, OBH (Drugs Be Servant).

2. Curhatitis

Want to shut her luggage, side effects people's secrets could leak, exposed Nangisuitis.
This disease can be positive if he bercuhatitisnya directed to the appropriate person, let alone the same God.

3. Shopping Syndrome

Symptoms want MULU road, eyes bulging, tongue side effects you drool, mouth agape, wallet so slim. If you have entered stage 4 (very severe) joined her boyfriend's wallet thin.
Try to drink or tablet hematcold PD (Self Control).

4. Cerewetisme

Curhatitis worse than B, does not contain a semicolon. Side effects spurt, ears budek neighbor, her boyfriend's chest may be more subtle because often stroked.
The sooner the pills to eat and drink tablets to hear more talk slowed.

5. Lamanian Dandanitos

Pengennya diem front of the mirror. Gatel left-hand eager to hold the comb, right hand cramps-cramps-teplok want teplok pake cheek powder. Side effects: menor, late, boys rusty, not miss the food. Drink immediately Sari Bawak (For Time) and Taperi (added confidence). Create 230 Toleransikipil spoon guy drinking the day after and before a bath.

6. Cemburunotomy

Symptoms of an oval face, hands clenched, brow dipped.
Try to prevent prejudice to the drug either three tablespoons of syrup per day, pills and tablets to investigate understanding first.

7. Ngambekilation

Symptoms similar to Cemburubotomy.
Drinking Sabaron and Bersyukurinis.

This is the history of the establishment Facebook

This is the history of the establishment Facebook: "This is the history of the establishment of Facebook: "

The origins of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg started when (then a second semester student at Harvard University) created a site dating to contact campus counterparts. Zuckerberg is inspired from the site Hot or Not naming homemade site. The method of this website that is displaying two photographs the couple (man and woman), in which two couples will then be chosen by the members of the site where the couple the most "hot". Now, to display photos of couples on this site, Zuckerberg seeks by all means look for pictures of colleagues with a way around the 'door-to-door' to ask foto.1

Too nekatnya, Zuckerberg breaking into campus computer network access to obtain additional photographs. But this action known to the campus and they were subsequently blocked site followed by action by the threat of sanctions against Zuckerberg will be fired from the campus (although this threat is not to be realized) . His actions were, Zuckerberg defended himself by saying "Actions campus party that blocked site true reason, but unfortunately they do not realize their potential can only be a tool for campus popularity booster itself." He continued: "Sooner or later, later on there will be others who make similar sites."


Not cured, the next semester, precisely on February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg created a new site called "The Facebook", which is located URL: .. .. For this new site, Zuckerberg commented sarcastically: "I think an effort campus parties that want to make a medium of exchange of information between the academic community that takes many years is a ridiculous thing. With this Website, I can do it just within one week only ".2

When we first launched "The Facebook" is limited only among the Harvard campus. And it's amazing! Within one month of its users already covers more than half the number of students at Harvard at that time. Furthermore, a number of colleagues Zuckerberg join the team. They are Eduardo Saverin (business analyst), Dustin Moskovitz (programmer), Andrew McCollum (graphic designer), and Chris Hughes.

In March 2004, began to spread to several other campuses in the city of Boston, USA and also to a number of prestigious campuses like Stanford, Columbia, Yale, and the Ivy League. It did not take long, this site has spread its use in almost all campuses in the U.S. and Canada. In June 2004, Zuckerberg, McCollum and Moskovitz moved headquarters to Palo Alto, California. Here they also aided also by Adam D'Angelo and Sean Parker.

Mid-2004, got its first investment from
cofounder of PayPal, Pieter Thiel.


Month in May 2005, received an injection of fresh funds the joint venture with Accel Partners. Dated August 23, 2005, thefacebook officially purchased their domain name from for USD 200 000 and since then fragments phrase "the" no longer in use so that their name officially became

In 2005 also, facebook has expanded the reach of users to the high school student. Still in the same year, a number of universities in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand also been able to enjoy the Facebook network.


Beginning in 2006, Facebook was rumored to be acquired by a company at a price of USD 750 million, even offer jumped to $ 2 billion. But this news was not proven. In April 2006, Facebook gets a fresh cash injection of USD 25 million investment from Peter Thiel, Greylock Partners, and Meritech Capital Partners. In May the same year, Facebook started to explore the continent of Asia via India. In the mid-year, gilliran Israel and Germany. Finally on 11 September 2006, Facebook changed the status of registration to be "free to join" to all owners of valid email addresses worldwide.


In September 2007, Microsoft announced it has bought 1.6% stake in Facebook valued at USD 15 billion. In making this stock are also covered by the deal that Microsoft has the right to put their ads on Facebook. Seeing this step a number of players of other giants such as Google, Viacom, Friendster also expressed their interest to invest in Facebook. Earlier in the year 2006, Yahoo! Has offered a bid worth USD 1 billion acquisition. November 2007, a Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing invested USD 60 million in Facebook.


In August 2008, Business Week magazine reported that some other parties have participated thus instilling stake in Facebook Facebook estimated value range of USD 3.75 billion up to USD 5 billion

Site Situation

Facebook users can now join the many free networks regulated by city, location of work, school and state. These networks will then connect its members. Fellow users can connect with friends and can see the contents of each personal profile.

Facebook site to get the main revenue from ads attached to him. The user is free to make their own profile in which can include photos and info, and other personal info. Moreover, it can also send messages to each other, joining a group or more. By default, set the Facebook user profiles can only be accessed by other users who have become friends. However, these settings can be changed later if desired.

Microsoft is the exclusive partner in the Facebook ads-banner ads. This is why Facebook menayang only ads that are contained in the Microsoft network. According to comScore (site internet marketing researcher) is currently gathering Facebook user data were collected by Google and Microsoft.

In this view, Facebook is often compared with MySpace and Friendster. But the main difference between them is that MySpace and Friendster allow users to decorate a display profile with HTML and CSS features, while Facebook only allows text-only feature so that all display the user profile looks uniform.


Facebook has a number of features of user interactions among them are the features 'Wall / Wall', the space where fellow users send messages of open, 'Poke / dab', means to pinch each other virtually, 'Photos / Photo' space to install photos, and 'Status' showing the conditions and ideas on current users. Starting in July 2007, Facebook allows users to send various attachments (links, applications, etc.) directly to Wall / Wall, where previously only a text-only permitted.

Over time, Facebook adds some new features into its site. In September 2006, Facebook announced the launch of News Feed / News News concatenation that contains glimpses of information from each user. At first, this feature is open and can be viewed by anyone. But after receiving complaints from some users, the Facebook change the settings for this feature so that users can now set which can be displayed in News Feed / News series news and what does not.

Features notes added on August 22, 2006. In this feature the user can import his writings on other blogs (Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, etc.) to appear on Facebook. April 7, 2008, Facebook launched one of the favorite features is 'Chat / Chat', a place where users can send private messages to each other directly and in real time.

Features 'Gifts / Gifts' begins on February 8, 2007. This feature is a feature for exchanging gifts. 'Prize' can be purchased at a price of USD 1 and add a personal message. Dated May 14, 2007, Facebook introduced the 'Marketplace' which allows users to advertise for free. Features of this free advertising is made to compete with similar features introduced by Craigslist.

July 2008, Facebook spruce site's appearance so that each category (wall, info, photos, etc.) have separate tabs. Starting in March 2009, Facebook tidy appearance "Home / Home".


On May 24, 2007, promoting the Facebook Platform Facebook. This is a tool for software developers to create applications that can be used on Facebook. This step was immediately greeted by the developers of the software so until March 25, 2009 recorded 52 000 applications with a total of 660 000-party developers.

Roller Coaster beds?

Roller Coaster beds?: "Bed Roller Coaster? "

The New Decor is an art exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in London.

The exhibition showcases 30 artists and is designed to explore the 'evolution of interior and exterior environment' of the artist. essentially creating a provocative installation of furniture or items daily.

interesting existence bed roller coaster-like Los Carpinteros. It looks like for a slumber party, or even just to roll-guling.The New Decor looked like the exhibition interesting.

source: "

An invitation to eat at the Subway!

An invitation to eat at the Subway!: "Invitation In A Subway Eat! "
If you were to take place for a good meal invitations for weddings or for other events and you are bored with the meal-eating in a restaurant or building a luxury good and simple, eat the pictures below might give ideas to you to get a feel of another than the other.

The students in Ukrain establish the meal-eating in a subway. It's really an idea other than the other. Unfortunately in Indonesia, there is no subway, but it might just be too time yes busway.

source: "